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Dear family, friends and supporters,

It’s been a long time since we wrote a letter about work,  Good things are happening.   We have MANY friends and are becoming known in the community.   We have visited lots of people and the church attendance has increased.  For Gordon’s birthday the church held a birthday worship service in our home.  A little before it began, Gordon said he hoped we’d have eight people.  There were 30 people there.  Many of them were neighbors and friends, but it was uplifting to see them participating in a worship service, celebrating the life of our church’s pastor!

Last Sunday the Moderator and General Secretary of our national church were here for Sunday School.  Some of our members and regular visitors come either for Sunday School in the morning or Worship at night.  Before the visit, Gordon asked the members to all be there in the morning and they ALL came.  The picture shows us with the Moderator, Wertson Brasil Souza and the Secretary, Sergio Miranda before we left Sunday School.  After Sunday School, they met with the session and then we had lunch with a church leader who is a very good cook.  Wertson and Sergio visited another church for worship, in the evening.  We had a good visit.

As many of you know, the church was also a school for 31 years.  It was supported by the state, our town and the church.  It was closed by the local mayor in January before classes were scheduled to begin in February.  Many people in the community sent their children to the highly respected school. After it was closed, people began asking the church, how they would use the classrooms to help the community.  We have begun English and Music classes.  Dorothy teaches English to children two times a week in the morning and in the afternoon.  Keyboard and guitar classes are offered, too.  It is the beginning of how we can reach out to the community.

Thank you for your prayers!  Please continue to pray for our ministry, especially for the children’s work.  God Bless each of you!

In Christ,

Gordon  and Dorothy

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